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151 09/11
Florence appears as "Edith" in the 1891 census. 
Florence Annie AYLIFFE
152 09/11
Unable to locate Frederick J AYLIFFE in the 1891 census. 
Frederick J AYLIFFE
153 09/11
Unable to locate "Henry/Harry AYLIFFE, bc1869" in the 1891 census or beyond. 
154 09/11
James only appears on the 1891 census with his family. By 1901 he has left the family home and is living with his uncle and aunt (HODGES) in Swindon. Also living there is another aunt Maria DAVIS. 
James William AYLIFFE
155 09/11
Unable to locate "Rose AYLIFFE" on the 1891 census or beyond.
Possible candidate on "RG12 piece 2047 folio 30 page 10" which shows a Rose AYLIFFE, b Gloucester. A servant in Cheltenham, with Elizabeth AYLIFFE, bc1843? a ladies maid, in the house of Ann PARKINSON. 
Rose Edith AYLIFFE
156 07/11
Unable to locate Thomas AYLIFFE on the 1911 census.
1901 census lists Thomas with his wife and a grand-daughter Hilda M AYLIFFE, Scholar, b1888. Unsure at present which of Thomas and Sarah Ann's children she is the daughter of.
1851 Census. A Thomas Ayliffe 15 (Servant Page) Dwelling: 6 Dours Villas, Chelterham, Gloucester.
1861 Census Thomas Ayliffe 25 (Footman) in the household of Elizabeth Johnson 59 Occupation (Income from Land and Stock) Dwelling 5 Cavogan Place, Chelsea, Middlesex.
1841 Census - a number of Thomas AYLIFFE's (with their families) of approximately the correct age around Bath, Malmesbury, Chippenham. More research needed to work out which is correct. 
157 09/11
William is recorded on the 1891 census "visiting" a "DOWDING" family in Westbury on Severn. Looking at the 1901 census it turns out that this is his future wife's family! 
William George AYLIFFE
158 06/11
Henry is listed on the 1871 census as "step-son" of the Head (John George BEATON).
Unable to locate "Henry BABSTOCK" on the 1881 census or beyond. 
159 09/11
Unable to locate "Henry BABSTOCK" on the 1871 census or beyond. 
Henry Edward BABSTOCK
160 04/10
Apparently Freda died aged just 15 yrs 
161 08/11
Unable to locate Frederick BALL on the 1911 census. There are a small number of possibles. The 1911 census records that Francis his mother had borne 6 children, 4 of whom were still alive. This might suggest that Frederick BALL is still alive in 1911, although he can't be conlusively pinned down on the 1911 census yet. There is a Frederick BALL (bc1889 Islington Kent), also a soldier (as was Henry BALL) seving with 3RD BATTALION ROYAL FUSILIERS, in VACOAS, MAURITIUS. (Ref: RG14PN34976 RD641 SD1 ED23 SN9999). Not sure whether this might be the right Frederick.

EDavies data suggests:


Census: 1901, School in Weston, Somerset
Frederick BALL
162 08/11
There is a Henry John BALL bc1888 London, an infantry soldier in the British Army in 3rd Bn King's Royal Rifle Corp, 3RD BATTALION KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS, DAGSHAI, INDIA. Reference RG14PN34978 RD641 SD3 ED13 SN9999. He is listed as "Gone Attd Sick". At first it was unclear whether this is the same Henry BALL. However, the 1911 census also records Henry John BALL living back with his mother and her new husband and children in London, here he is listed as a soldier. So I presume he went back to England sick though was still listed as tied to the army in India.
EDavies data suggests:

HENRY BALL, b. 1889.

More About HENRY BALL:
Census: 1901, School in Weston, Somerset
Henry J BALL
163 10/11
There are a number of Harry/Henry BALLS in the 1871 census around the west of Norwich near where Harry BALLS was born (including one with father "James" in Wymondham). More research required to identify which one is correct. 
164 02/13
There is a Burial record for a "Margaret CAMBELL" 28th October 1803. The record is for St Pauls Shadwell and indicates that she was living in "Farmer Street". I cannot find a "Farmer Street" in the area today or on the 1868 map of London ( There are records at ( refering to a school which was located on "Farmer Street/ Shakespeare Walk", but again neither of these locations are obvious. A further note ("Shakspeare's-walk [sic]... York Place, Old Gravel Lane" on the same web page suggests that Shakespeare Walk was in the vicinity of York Place at the southern end of Old Gravel Lane. Old Gravel Lane is now called Wapping Street, and York Place is now the area of housing between Watts Street and Green Bank on Wapping Street).

Further evidence that we have the burial details for the correct Margaret comes from Margaret's son Lewis's baptism record (which shows he was 2 months old when baptised on Jan 22nd 1797). While William and Margaret are said to live at "Shadwell Market", other baptisms in the list show addresses from Farmers Street, Shakespeare Walk, Gravel Lane etc. So it seems we are in precisely the right geographical area. 
165 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
166 03/15
Elizabeth's father is named as Samuel BARTLETT on her marriage certificate (to William GOODWIN).

Unclear at present of Elizabeth's ancestry. There is an Elizabeth BARTLETT (bc1842) on the 1851 census with her family (headed by Emmanuel BARTLETT). Unclear whether this is the correct Elizabeth BARTLETT as there appear to have been two born in the same year, both in Lytchett, Dorset, as evidenced by the 1861 census which has "our" Elizabeth living in Farnham in Surrey, but also another Elizabeth BARTLETT working in Wimborne Road, Lytchett Matravers...
"BARTLETT, Elizabeth Servant Unmarried F 19 1842 Domestic Servant Lytchett Dorset" (RG09 piece 1342 folio 42 page 8) - born in Lytchett, Dorset; working in Wimborne Road, Lytchett Matravers
Unable to locate "Elizabeth CAMPBELL bc1842, Dorset" in the 1901 census or beyond. 
Elizabeth BARTLETT
167 Wirtemberg St was renamed Stonhouse St in 1920. Elizabeth BARTLETT
168 09/11
Unable to locate "Mary BRUMWELL; bc1837" on the 1891 census. Not sure if she had died by this point, her husband Richard is still recorded as "Married" rather than "Widow" on the 1891 census. 
169 01/15
1911 census records that Albert and Emily have been married 5 yrs and have had 3 children all of whom have survived. 
Albert Joseph BEATON
170 01/15
The 1871 census records Emily living a few doors along from her family working as a domestic servant. Her future husband Edward Flack is also living there as a boarder! 
171 01/15
Unable to locate Florence BEATON in either 1901 or 1911 census. 
Florence Mary A BEATON
172 01/15
BMD has a death index record for Harry BEATON in 1860 in Marylebone. As Harry doesnt appear with his siblings in the 1871 census I have assumed this is him. There are no later Harry BEATON records that appear to relate to him. 
173 01/15 Rosina BEATON (Hannah's stepdaughter) married in 1875. The marriage certificate is signed by J Beaton and by "E" Beaton. Did Hannah go by a different forename or is this some other relative of John?

Death certificate for Mary Ann ? (John G BEATON's wife) confirms the record mentioned below is correct.

The 1841 census (HO107 piece 1462 folio 3/20 page 34) for St Martin, Jersey; records a "BEATON, Joseph M 45 b1796 England" "BEATON, Mary F 46 b1795 England" "BEATON, John M 13 b1828 Isle of Jersey". This is the more likely candidate for John on the 1841 census.

In the 1851 census (HO107 piece 2528 folio 17 page 26) records: "BEATON, John G Head Married M 22 1829 Cabinet Maker St Saviour"; BEATON, Mary Ann Wife Married F 25 1826
St Helier; BEATON, Rosina Daughter Unmarried F 2 1849 St Helier; BEATON, Joseph J Son Unmarried M 1 1850 Guernsey.
There is one other "John BEATON, b1832, a butcher" in Jersey at that time. Though the birth dates and occupation suggest the former is more likely to be our John G BEATON.
If this proves correct it would be interesting to know what became of the rest of John's family before the 1871 census when he is married to Hannah BRUMWELL and living in London.
Unable to locate "John BEATON" or any of the family in the 1861 census.
Unable to locate "John BEATON; bc1829" in the 1901 census or beyond.

BMD records has: Name: BEATON, John George; Registration District: Fulham; County: London; Year of Registration: 1896; Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun; Age at death: 68 Volume No: 1A Page No: 200.
This record has John George at the correct age.

06/06 Mervyn
George was a cabinet maker at the Piano and Cabinet makers Whitleys of Hammersmith, London. Detailed on Mary Beaton's marriage certificate.

1881Census- 42 Queens Road, Kensington, London, Middlesex, shows:
John G.Beaton, 52, Pianoforte Maker, b.Jersey, Channel Islands;
Margaret Beaton, 48, wife, b.Lavernock, Glamorgan, Wales; (Mary's step-mother)
Mary Beaton, 10, daur. ,scholar, b.Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England;
Robert Gray, 18, nephew, Oilmans Assistant. ,b.Dorset, England.) 
John George BEATON
174 01/15
1841 census indicates an "E" in the column for "Where born" which suggests "England". 
175 01/15
1881 census records Joseph living at a boarding house with his children Florence (8) and Albert (1).

Unable to find Joseph J BEATON b1850 on the 1911 census. A BMD Death record exists for a Joseph John BEATON in Marylebone, 1908. A separate Will and Probate record confirms this is our Joseph.

BMD record gives Joseph's DOB as 03/01/1850, and his mother's maiden name as "MIST". The record has misspelled the family surname as "BIATON". 
Joseph John BEATON
176 10/15
Notes in RG STANTON papers (General Information/ HEATH) suggest Mary and Charles may have run a laundry "from Dundry". Dundry is a village just SW of Bristol.
Notes in RG STANTON papers (General Information/ Early Trees) suggest Mary and family may have owned a Fish & Chip shop in Southville/ Horfield. Not sure if this is a confusion of "Fruit and Fish" shop mentioned elsewhere?

Email from Lesley Bunyard:
My few bits about my grandfather is from my mum aged 91. the heath family didnt like my grandmother. they thought she wasnt good enough for a heath who owned a cycle shop. she was a house maid. her name was florence. my grandfathers neice is still alive and is sending me some info. she told me the grandads father left his mother for a french women.
that might be the link. yours is his second marrage maybe?

Email from Lesley Bunyard:
just after i emailed you this morning i had a letter from doris fletcher who has sent me more on my grandfather.
i have got it wrong i thought grandads mother was mary light but she was mary beaton and he is albert samuel heath.
as you know doris was ediths daughter.
let me now if you wont any moer info. i have a photo of him in his blue school uniform.
yours lesley.

1881Census- 42 Queens Road, Kensington, London, Middlesex, shows :
John G.Beaton, 52, Pianoforte Maker, b.Jersey, Channel Islands;
Margaret Beaton, 48, wife, b.Lavernock, Glamorgan, Wales; (Mary's step-mother)
Mary Beaton, 10, daur. ,scholar, b.Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England;
Robert Gray, 18, nephew, Oilmans Assistant. ,b.Dorset, England.

When Mary died she had been resident with her daughter, Mabel, at 153 Shirehampton Road, Sea Mills, Bristol.

11/02 Mervyn
"I managed to get to the Central Library for a bit more research yesterday, and was perusing a copy of Wright's Directory for the year 1912 which was the first year 'our' Grandma (Mary Heath)'s name appears as living at 10 Beauley Road, St. Paul's, Southville or Bedminster (according to choice!), after she had brought her family back to Bristol from London, having been "abandoned" by her husband William Charles. I noticed that, living at one end of the road, in No. 6, was a building contractor named Thomas Weeks, and at the other end (Coronation Road end) was a John Bawn, furniture remover. I remember Nan having often told us of the good friendship between the Heaths and the Bawns, but does Dad recall a Mrs. Weeks being a close family friend at one time too? Did a Mrs. Weeks used to visit us at Richmond Terrace in Clifton after I was born there, because I seem to recall a slim pleasant lady with a nice slightly 'toothy' smile (and a very agreeable way of making a fuss over you!) whom I seem to associate with the name, Mrs. Weeks? (Nan must have been in her early 30s then)."
177 01/15
1881 census records Rosina, married but husband Alfred not at home. A "visitor" 7yr old "Florry MANGARD" is in her care. 
178 02/08
EDavies data suggests:

REBECCA WEST (FREDERICK WILLIAM1) was born 1874 in St Pancras, London, England. She married JOHN ROBERT BECKHAM June 1895, son of JOSEPH BECKHAM and MATILDA ELIZA. He was born 1871 in St Pancras, and died Abt. 1912 in Islington.

Emigration: September 8, 1912, Sailed on the New York to New York

Census: 1891, Islington, Middlesex living with sisters Charlotte and Rosaline
Christening: August 20, 1871, All Souls, Marylebone, London
Occupation: 1891, Glazier

Children of REBECCA WEST and JOHN BECKHAM are:
i. JOHN JOSEPH BECKHAM, b. March 1898; d. 1902, Pancras.
ii. ETHEL REBECCA BECKHAM, b. June 1900.
iii. MAUD ELIZABETH BECKHAM, b. Abt. 1902.
iv. ROBERT BECKHAM, b. Abt. 1903.
v. DORIS BECKHAM, b. Abt. 1906.
vi. HILDA BECKHAM, b. Abt. 1911. 
John Robert BECKHAM
179 07/11
Unable to locate Alice BEDGGOOD on the 1901 or any other census record.
The 1911 census records that Helena BEDGGOOD bore 7 children, all of whom still surviving. This casts some doubt on whether Alice b1897 is a correct record. Or if she did pass away young perhaps Helena prefered not to record this in the 1911 census? 
180 07/10 Donald Bidgood on GR:
Hi Mark,

Mine m. Charles Henry BEDGGOOD Jun 1882 in Bristol. They had 8 children.

My main interest is on the BEGGOOD side where I can take you back some seven generations.

I would like to have the details of Helena's parents and siblings so please open your Tree. Mine should be open for you.

Don in Canada.
I think I have a link to your Helena RATHBONE. I have her as youngest member of a family of RATHBONEs from Iron Acton which included my GGGrandmother Jane Ann RATHBONE.

I've only recently been researching some of this family and so my website isn't yet up to date with the details of Jane Ann siblings or ancestors.

Drop me a line...!

All the best
Charles Henry BEDGGOOD
181 07/11
By 1911 Ernest is living in lodgings in Bristol and working as a grocers assistant. His brother William George is also there with him working as a grocers apprentice. 
Ernest Rathbone BEDGGOOD
182 07/11 Presumably the occupation of "Odd Man" meant that Henry was an "odd job man" at Berkley Castle. Henry Lawrence BEDGGOOD
183 07/10
Lots more info on this BEDDGOOD family via source "Third Party Tree Documents, BEDGGOOD, Thomas;" 
184 07/11
By 1911 William George is living in lodgings in Bristol and working as a grocers apprentice. His older brother Ernest is also there with him working as a grocers assistant.

Killed in WW1; Commemerative Stained Glass window Thornbury PC, Gloucestershire 
William George BEDGGOOD
185 12/14
Interestingly a "Sarah BENHAM" is recorded as an "Officer" at Barnwood House on the same 1881 census record as Annie's mother in law Sarah Ann. Presumably a relation to Annie?
186 10/11
There is a possible "John BENHAM" in the 1861 census (RG09 piece 2174 folio 92a page 1):
Address: 2 House 1 And 2 Court, Garrison Lane, Aston, Birmingham
BENHAM, Henry Head Married M 37 1824 Pearl Button Inner Dublin Ireland
BENHAM, Hannah Wife Married F 37 1824 Pearl Button Driller Birmingham
BENHAM, Mary A Daughter F 13 1848 Pearl Button Finisher Birmingham
BENHAM, John Son M 9 1852 Pearl Button Filer Birmingham
BENHAM, Thomas Son M 4 1857 Scholar Birmingham
BENHAM, William Son M 0 (6M) 1861 Birmingham
Birth certificate would be needed to understand if this was the correct John. 
187 10/08
I'm hoping this message reaches you ok. I have seen your information on rootsweb relating to the ayliffe and Allcock families. I am related to Annie Benham who was married to Frank Ayliffe. Their daughter was Daisy Ayliffe and granddaughter Margaret Rose Allcock. Annie Benham's father John Benham was the brother of my Great Grandfather Thomas Benham.
Mary Carthew
188 0110
Kennel Farm is listed as Gracie's home noted by hand in the front of her twin books of "Book of Common Prayer" and "Hymns Ancient and Modern"(noted at the front that these were given to "Aunty Gracie" by May and Dorise). Also noted is the name of the nearby church "All Saints, Long Ashton". A 19th century map (see attached) shows the location of Kennel Farm. It is just south of the site of St Johns Church which was apparently the church that served the village of Bower Ashton prior to its abandonment in the 13th Century (possibly due to Black Death)? Also attached the modern location in Google Earth - the farmhouse seems long since gone.,-4.064941&sspn=13.179201,39.418945&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Long+Ashton,+Bristol,+Avon,+United+Kingdom&ll=51.438213,-2.635421&spn=0.003391,0.009624&t=h&z=17

An additional map (attached) has come to light amongst the papers of Ronald STANTON. This cutting from the Bristol "Times & Echo" newspaper (11th December 1926) depicts Kennel Farm in the foreground of an artists impression of the Ashton Gate area around 1800. (The drawing was made in 1926).

A New Testament Bible was awarded to Gracie Best for "Scripture Knowledge; Ashton Gate Girl's School; December 1916". On the front of the bible is the text:
"PRIZE 1916 To the pupils in the Bristol Council Schools who excelled in Biblical knowledge given by the religious tract society and by the late Mary Proctor in memory of her husband"
This bible has within it the front page of another "Holy Bible" which has Gracie's name in handwriting in the front page, and also has written in it "I had this bible when I was 8 years old" and below this "Sunday evening, April 27th 1890 at 10.28" 
Alexandra Grace BEST
189 03/15
Rosebud wrote to Ronald STANTON 5th July 1978, 2 weeks before Gracie's death "Gracie is so under the weather that she just hasnt the energy to do anything - can you imagine Gracie of all people being in that state!! For the last three weeks her doctor has been treating her for a persistant cough which has got progressively worse so that she is quite exhausted and falls asleep off and on all day. We decided that we must get to the root of the trouble so we went together to see him yesterday afternoon and the outcome is that he feels she has whooping cough. She has to have blood tests and x rays to confirm this diagnosis but we are hopeful that we shall know for certain next week." 
Alexandra Grace BEST
190 Kennel Farm is listed as Gracie's home noted by hand in the front of her twin books of "Book of Common Prayer" and "Hymns Ancient and Modern"(noted at the front that these were given to "Aunty Gracie" by May and Dorise). Also noted is the name of the nearby church "All Saints, Long Ashton". A 19th century map (see attached) shows the location of Kennel Farm. It is just south of the site of St Johns Church which was apparently the church that served the village of Bower Ashton prior to its abandonment in the 13th Century (possibly due to Black Death)? Alexandra Grace BEST
191 01/15
References to China Terrace, Lambeth on Google point to an association with a Weslyan Methodist Chapel. 
Thomas BEST
192 01/15
The baptism record for Thomas has a note refering to it at the bottom of the page reading:
"Rec'd? into the church on the 29th January 1863 by the Revd William JW Torre? Edwin Moore? Regd"
Not sure whether this means they were not part of the Church of England at the time of the baptism. Thomas and Grace appear to have arrived with their Curate from Wortley (district of Leeds) to baptise their son. Perhaps they were then "received" into the church at this later date (converting to CofE?)
Thomas Hardwick Davies BEST
193 01/15
The 1861 census has Thomas BEST living in the same house as one "Thomas HARDWICK" and his wife "Hannah". Thomas Hardwick is an Auctioneer and 34 yrs senior to Thomas BEST. Thomas BEST's first and only son is then given the middle name Hardwick presumably in honour of Thomas Hardwick.
Would be interesting to know of the relationship between the two Thomas's.

The answer is in the 1851 census, where Grace HARDWICK is recorded as a "visitor" at future husband Thomas's home in London.

References to China Terrace, Lambeth on Google (where Thomas BEST and family lived in 1851) point to an association with a Weslyan Methodist Chapel. Perhaps there was a conversion from Methodist to CofE? 
Thomas Scrase BEST
194 01/13
Email from Nigel WHITE 22/01/13 provides Louisa possible surname. Additional research turns up likely Marriage record in source attached.

Unable to locate "Louisa CAMPBELL bc1811" on the census beyond 1851. 
195 09/11
Unable to locate "John BOWN" in the 1841 census.

As far as the Bown family we knew that Mary Bown (1791) had a daughter,Mary Ann Bown (1815), who who in turn was Sarah Ann Stanton (1844)'s and William John Stanton's (1857)'s mother, I hadn't looked further along the 'Bown line' so never found her father, although I have since found his name was John. One might conjecture that he would have been born around 1791 too. Brian says he couldn't find him on the 1841 census, and I find he doesn't appear on the 1851 census either. I don't know whether he too was a sailor, which around Fleet in those days often meant a local fisherman, but it appears that local crew-men were frequently ar sea when the Census-man called and thus never featured on census lists. (1841 was the very first official General Census anyway after the introduction of BDM registration in 1837, so it was something new, and possibly something bound to arouse many people's suspicions - like Identity Cards do in these days!). 
196 Mervyn 04/02:
1851 Census for Weymouth & Melcombe shows Mary Ann " STAINTON,1815,aged 35, sailor's wife, and 4 children

Wyke Regis has a long and rich history with evidence of human occupation stretching back to the stoneage era some 10,000 years ago. The earliest written record relates to a charter signed by the Saxon King Ethelred II in 988 AD. The name Wyke Regis can be loosely translated as meaning "the farm of the King".

The present All Saints Church was consecrated in 1455 but there were at least two previous churches on the present site. It is an important example of the Perpendicular style of architecture and is still essentially the building as completed in the fifteenth century. Until the 1836 All Saints' was the parish church of Weymouth.

Until the 1890's the people of Wyke earnt their living through farming and fishing. Farming records of the manor exist back to 1243 and fishing has taken place over many centuries off Chesil Beach in the turbulent waters of the English Channel. Many victims of ships wrecked off Chesil Beach are buried in the churchyard, including Captain John Wordsworth, brother of the poet, who was drowned along with 300 others when his ship was wrecked in 1805

In 1891 Robert Whitehead, the inventor of the deadly underwater torpedo, built his Whitehead Torpedo Manufactury at Ferrybridge, Wyke Regis and this resulted in engineering becoming the predominant occupation with a dramatic expansion in house building.

Today Wyke Regis has been absorbed into the much larger Borough of Weymouth and Portland but it still retains its own distinctive character. 
Mary Ann BOWN
197 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
198 09/11
Edwin's RA Attestation papers and medical records are held locally.

Unable to locate "Edwin BRUMWELL, bc1868" in the 1901 census or beyond. 
199 09/11
1861 census has Mary (widow) living with daughter Elizabeth, and grandchildren William BRUMWELL (bc1844); John GOUGH (bc1849); Ann BRUMWELL (bc1856).
1871 census has Mary (widow) living with daughter Elizabeth and grandchild Ann BRUMWELL.
Perhaps Ann is Elizabeth's daughter?
1891 census Elizabeth is now in Knutsford with a Tea Shop. She is recorded as a widow.
Unable to locate "Elizabeth BRUMWELL; bc1836" in the 1911 census. 
Elizabeth BRUMWELL
200 Census shows living next door to "Old Court House" possibly nr junction with King Street. Elizabeth BRUMWELL

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