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51 01/12
The 1911 census records that Elizabeth had bore 3 children, all of whom are still living. 
Elizabeth ?
52 01/15
1911 census records Elizabeth, b1845 in Long Ashton, (a visitor at her daughters house) as a widow. She has borne 2 children with one still living. She is recorded with the surname SANSFORD/ SANDFORD although Louisa's maiden name was WHITE according to her marriage record. In addition the 1891 census shows Elizabeth (WHITE) b1845 Ashton, Somerset, and William WHITE living in the same house as Louisa and her family. Perhaps SANSFORD was her maiden name. 
Elizabeth ?
53 06/11
The 1911 census finds Elizabeth visiting her daughter Martha and her family. Elizabeth is listed as having had 11 children in all, 8 surviving. She is also listed as still married (for 47 years).

Unable to locate Elizabeth ALLCOCK in the 1871 census. 
Elizabeth ?
54 07/11
Can't locate Elizabeth RATHBONE in any census after 1851. 
Elizabeth ?
55 09/11
The 1911 census records that Elizabeth bore 8 children, all still living. 
Elizabeth ?
56 09/11
The 1911 census records that Elizabeth bore 9 children, all of whom were still living in 1911. 
Elizabeth ?
57 07/11
1911 census records that Elizabeth had borne one child - still living. 
Elizabeth Jane ?
58 10/11
The 1911 census records that Elizabeth bore 5 children, all of them still alive in 1911. 
Elizabeth Sarah ?
59 06/11
It would appear that John Charles left Bristol in the 1870's for London. There he married a lady called Ellen (surname unknown) born in Saffron Walden, Essex, who appears as his wife on the 1881 and 1891 census. They don't appear to have had any children. In 1899 John Charles remarries again to an "Emily GOULD" (BMD Index). So that by the 1901 census we find John Charles with wife "Emily", born in Minstead, Hampshire. Also living with them is Herbert John GOULD who is listed as John's stepson, this ties in with the names on the marriage data on the BMD Index. 
Ellen ?
60 12/11
The 1911 census records that Ellen had bore 4 children. 3 of whom were still living. 
Ellen ?
61 12/14
Ellen is Tom's second wife. Presumably his first wife Florence either died or moved away? 
Ellen ?
62 01/15
Burial record confirmed by record of Emily's address as per 1891 census. 
Emily ?
63 09/11
The 1911 census records that Evelyn had borne 1 child - Leonard. 
Evelyn ?
64 11/11
The 1901 census records Fannie living with "Emma E ROLLS; bc1865 Weymouth". This looks remarkably like her daughter, although Fannie is recorded as "Aunt".
The 1911 census records Fanny as a visitor in the household of "Henry DAMON; bc1845 Weymouth" in Christchurch, Hampshire. 
Fannie ?
65 11/11
Unable to locate Fanny ROLLS on the 1891 census or beyond. 
Fanny ?
66 07/11
1911 census confirms that Maud only bore one child by 1911. 
Francis Maud ?
67 07/11
1861 census records Hannah's birthplace as "Nibley, Gloucs". Nibley is a mile up the road from Westerleigh. So perhaps she was born somewhere between the two villages hence the variation. On this census Hannah is living very close by other WALL's.
By 1871 Hannah is living in Wooton Road near her grandson Thomas RATHBONE and family. 
Hannah ?
68 09/11
1911 census records that Hannah had borne 4 children, all still living. 
Hannah ?
69 09/11
Unable to locate "Hannah SHEPPARD" in the 1891 census. 
Hannah ?
70 09/11
The 1911 census records that Harriet had borne 1 child - Bert. 
Harriet ?
71 11/11
The 1911 census records that Harriet bore 6 children, all of whom were still alive. 
Harriet ?
72 09/11
Unable to locate "Jane GRAY, bc1814" in any census beyond 1881. 
Jane ?
73 09/11
The 1911 census records that Lydia bore 10 children, with 8 still alive. 
Lydia ?
74 09/11
Unable to locate "Margaret BEATON; bc1833" in the 1901 census or beyond.

1881 Census- 42 Queens Road, Kensington, London, Middlesex, shows :
John G.Beaton, 52, Pianoforte Maker, b.Jersey, Channel Islands;
Margaret Beaton, 48, wife, b.Lavernock, Glamorgan, Wales; (Mary's step-mother)
Mary Beaton, 10, daur. ,scholar, b.Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England;
Robert Gray, 18, nephew, Oilmans Assistant. ,b.Dorset, England. 
Margaret ?
75 09/11
Unable to locate Maria Gray on the 1881 census. Her husband in 1890 was William Gray, and in the 1881 census he is recorded as "married" (though aboard a vessel so his wife was not with him on the census). Unknown whether he was married to Maria at this time? 
Maria ?
76 11/11
1911 census records that Maria bore 5 children. 4 still alive, 1 deceased. 
Maria ?
77 11/11
Unable to locate "Martha PIKE bc1801" in the 1861 census or the 1881 census or beyond. 
Martha ?
78 01/15
1841 census indicates an "E" in the column for "Where born" which suggests "England".

1861 census (RG 9; Piece: 1021; Folio: 16; Page: 26; GSU roll: 542738) has a Mary BEETON bc1796 living with an Elizabeth GRAY bc1800 in Great Wilbraham, Cambs. (Both women are recroded as born there too). Both are widows and on poor relief. Interesting because John G BEATON has a nephew "Robert GRAY" b Dorset, living with him in 1881 census. Possibly just coincidence. Or is John's mother still alive and now living here with a similar aged (albeit distant) relative? Perhaps she was from Cambs originally?
1851 census has Mary BEETON married to a Thomas BEETON so perhaps not.. 
Mary ?
79 04/11
For a picture of the Barton Regis Workhouse see: 
Mary ?
80 06/11
1871 census has Mary aged 65. But so does the 1861 census! I suspect the 1871 census is correct since her children are about the right age, unless she had her son Timothy when she was 55? 
Mary ?
81 07/12
Possible burial record for Mary STANTON in Broadway in 1832; Feb-25; Mary STANTON; Broadwey; 87. Broadwey St Nicholas;
This would have meant her birth was c1743. There are other burials for Mary STANTON's around this time at Thorncombe, Dorset. However none others from around Upwey area. The Thorncombe burials are likely to be related to the STANTON family resident there which to date I have found no connection with William or Mary or any other of this STANTON family.

Unable to locate Mary STANTON on any census. 
Mary ?
82 09/11
1861 census has Mary (widow) living with daughter Elizabeth, and grandchildren William BRUMWELL (bc1844); John GOUGH (bc1849); Ann BRUMWELL (bc1856).
1871 census has Mary (widow) living with daughter Elizabeth and grandchild Ann BRUMWELL.

Unable to locate "Mary BRUMWELL; bc1799" in the 1891 census or beyond. 
Mary ?
83 26th November 1885, Barton Regis Workhouse, Eastville. 83 years of age. Widow of Timothy Cullinane, general labourer of Bristol. Died of Senile Decay. Informant was Albert DODGE, Master of the work house. The registration district was Barton Regis; sub-district of Stapleton. Mary ?
84 Further research into the 1881 Census has revealed, resident in Wyke Regis, Dorset :

Mary Lovell, "mareners wife", Head, married, age 54, born Wyke Regis.
William John Stanton, visitor, married, age 25, born Weymouth, Dorset
[Industrial Trainer at The Union] - i.e. Weymouth Union Workhouse (for paupers).
Kate. A.M. Stanton, daughter, married, age 23, born Wyke Regis.
William J.W. Stanton, grandson, age 11 mths., born Wyke Regis.
Mary T. Rose, grand-daughter, scholar, age 10, born Wyke Regis. 
Mary ?
85 09/11
Unable to locate "Mary A DAVIS" on the 1881 census. 
Mary A ?
86 "In affectionate remembrance of MARY BOWN who died December 11th 1875 aged 84.
Also MARY ANN daughter of above. Dearly beloved wife of JAMES STANTON who died March 28th 1876 aged 61 years.
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." 
Mary Ann ?
87 03/15
1911 Census records Mary Ann, a widow, having had no children, (retired Temperance Hotel Proprietress) living with a number of family members:
Eva Holmes - niece (recorded in pencil as "Mrs Larkin's daughter)
Edgar Holmes - nephew (in law)

Irene Grace Larkin- niece
Doris Eva Larkin- niece
Edwin Blanch? Larkin

Olive Vera Holmes - niece

Unable to locate Mary Ann on the 1911 census. An address search on Seaview Hotel, Townquay shows it still exists but is now under the management of a Leonard BROOMFIELD and his wife Emily FM BROOMFIELD. 
Mary Ann ?
88 07/11
Mary Ann is recorded as having borne 13 children (1 deceased). However, looking at the census records would suggest that there were 15 children. Not yet sure which one had died by 1911. 
Mary Ann ?
89 09/11
In the 1841 census Mary Ann is recorded living next door to a Henry DAMON (Sailor). The record makes no record of whether she is a widow by this stage.

As far as the Bown family we knew that Mary Bown (1791) had a daughter,Mary Ann Bown (1815), who who in turn was Sarah Ann Stanton (1844)'s and William John Stanton's (1857)'s mother, I hadn't looked further along the 'Bown line' so never found her father, although I have since found his name was John. One might conjecture that he would have been born around 1791 too. Brian says he couldn't find him on the 1841 census, and I find he doesn't appear on the 1851 census either. I don't know whether he too was a sailor, which around Fleet in those days often meant a local fisherman, but it appears that local crew-men were frequently ar sea when the Census-man called and thus never featured on census lists. (1841 was the very first official General Census anyway after the introduction of BDM registration in 1837, so it was something new, and possibly something bound to arouse many people's suspicions - like Identity Cards do in these days!).

The Secretary of the S&DFHS, Mrs.Mural Monk; it was Mrs. Monk who told me then that Mary Bown (1791) died 11/12/1875 at the age of 84 years, a date obtained from her records of Monumental Inscriptions in All Saints Church at Wyke Regis. 
Mary Ann ?
90 09/11
The 1871 census records Mary Ann HUGH in the household of her daughter Sarah Ann. She is probably visiting since is not noted as widowed and on the 1881 census she appears back with her husband in Honiton Devon.

Unable to locate Mary HUGH on the 1891 census or beyond. 
Mary Ann ?
91 07/11
1911 census records 3 children born alive, 2 surviving. 
Mary Ann Elizabeth ?
92 11/11
The 1911 census records that Mary Jane had borne 9 children, 6 of whom are still alive by 1911.
This would appear to confirm that "Reynold PIKE" must have died prior to 1911, since 6 of his siblings are still living. The other two deceased children are currently unknown as they do not appear on any census records. 
Mary Jane ?
93 11/11
1911 census records that Mary had borne 3 children all of whom were still living. 
Mary Lois ?
94 07/11
Sarah's husband Edward is recorded as a "widower" on the 1901 census. 
Sarah ?
95 07/11
Sarah's husband James is recorded as widower on the 1901 census. 
Sarah L ?
96 03/15
There is a marriage for Charles Morris CAMPBELL to a Mary Ann ABBOTT recorded at St Mark's Kennington (21 Aug 1826). Witnessed by a "Mary Ann Morris CAMPBELL". A Mary Ann CAMPBELL b1805 is then buried in St Mary at Lambeth on 25th May 1830. This would fit before the marriage of Charles and Louisa.
Unsure whether this is "our" Charles Morris CAMPBELL since he is noted on his marriage certificate to Louisa BLOODWORTH as a "Bachelor" rather than "Widower".

Following on... discovered the birth of Mary Ann CAMPBELL to Charles and Mary Ann (Sep 1829). Then the burial of Mary Ann CAMPBELL aged 25 (of Brothers Row) 25th May 1830, then burial of Mary Ann CAMPBELL aged 1 (of Brothers Row) 6th June 1830. So it seems Mary Ann and her baby died within days of each other. Brothers Row is not too distant from where Charles Morris CAMPBELL was living 3 years later in 1833 when Frederick Robert was baptised. So it seems a good bet that this is Charles Morris' first wife and child. 
97 07/11
While the 1881 census shows him with his family, by the 1891 census Benjamin is no longer there. I think I have found him as an "inmate" of Birmingham Industrial School, Stawberry Lane, Fillongley. It seems that Benjamin might have committed some form of misdemeanour in order to be sent to the school, likely to be something minor like playing truancy perhaps.
Kelly's (1896) has: "The City of Birmingham Industrial School for outcast boys, 1 1/2 miles south-east from Shustoke railway station & 2 miles north-west of the church, is an extensive structure of brick surrounded by about 110 acres of land: it was enlarged in 1890 when additional school rooms & offices' were erected: the institution is available for 160 boys, 146 being now resident, who are taught farm work, tailoring, shoe malting, carpentry & also all kinds of house-work, including stocking mending & washing; Frederic George Horth, master."
More here:
Haven't discovered Benjamin in any subsequent census so far. 
Benjamin ALLCOCK
98 07/11
1861 census in sources has John ALLCOCK, a Baker, born Oxfordshire around the right time, and in Birmingham.

1851 census has a John ALCOCK with his family in Epwell (the next village along from Sibford Gower) living a couple of doors down from a Bakery. However, there are other ALCOCK's around Banbury, including some over the other side of Banbury in Wardington - these ALCOCKS are two generations of Bakers also appearing on the 1841 census in Wardington! Requires further research.

Unable to locate John ALLCOCK in the 1871 census. 
99 Unclear whether this is actually a court house or not. It seems to be listed between a number of court houses John ALLCOCK
100 07/11
1871 census has Aaron born in Tredegar, Monmouthshire. This is near Ebbw Vale in the coal fields. 1861 census however suggests he was born in Abertwith (Aberystwyth?) in Cardiganshire. And then... in the 1881 census, he is recorded as born in Wick, Gloucs. And in the 1891 census recorded born in "Victoria, Cardiff", and then in 1911 just "South Wales"! At least his wife Elizabeth is consistently recorded as born in Stonehouse, Devon! 

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