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Went to Bermuda and then to Australia 
HEATH, Lilian Mary (I58)
HEATH, Walter (I422)
HEATH, Julia (I424)
4 "Died of wounds" CAMPBELL, Charles Morris (I1650)
5 "In affectionate remembrance of MARY BOWN who died December 11th 1875 aged 84.
Also MARY ANN daughter of above. Dearly beloved wife of JAMES STANTON who died March 28th 1876 aged 61 years.
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." 
?, Mary Ann (I296)
6 "In Loving Memory" "Also of his brother" "Charles Morris 17th R. Fus." CAMPBELL, Alick (I1653)
7 "Wymering" was a house on well to do Winn Road in Southampton. A bank manager lived next door. The house was three residences along from No. 8. All the houses on the street appear to be known by their names rather than numbers. There are still some large old houses on Winn Road today, along with many flats. Most of the old houses are at the eastern end of the road. STANTON, Mary Ann (I342)
8 01/08 Mervyn
Your G/Grandma Nan (Annie May HEATH) and G/Grandma Julie (Julia CULLINANE) met when they were both members of the Mothers' Union at St. Matthew Moorfields Church in Redfield, Bristol. Their husbands themselves were not particularly church-goers, but, through their wives and children were 'roped in' from time to time to give 'willing assistance'. All church activities were quite lively especially in our earlier years there (in all from 1928 to 1941), and it was here, of course where Ruby and Ronald came to meet. Nan and Julie met often and regularly at their Mothers' Union meetings, and they probably helped in voluntary 'cleaning' and 'flower-arranging duties' in the church, and with 'refreshments' occasionally at the Church Hall, etc., I do remember the four of them (Julie, Gilbert, Annie and Fred) going on holiday once together to Llandudno - it was in Gilbert's car and he did the driving - and as far as I am aware they got on well and had a good time.(although I was really too young to be concerned, anyway!). I don't know the year, but there may be a photo in the Family album (and Ron was very good at dating and maybe commenting on the photos)..
I seem to remember G/Grandma Julie as a tall (at least tall to me!), maybe slim, but very upright and distinguished-looking lady with gentle, maybe rather precise, manners, although I believe she could prove to have will of her own. She always appeared to be very kind to me, and she was very adept at producing a nice delicate cup of tea and scones with real jam!. No doubt you have a fuller recollection of her Andy, and Ruby's cousin, Dennis Thompson, would have known them better than I, if he's still about.
I remember many sunny summer days when we visited Cossham Hospital on Open Day, organised by the Committee of the 'Hospital Friends' (which largely meant Gilbert Allen as either Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer} to raise funds in support of their activities on behalf of patients. (Incidentally this hospital has been due to be closed down and demolished for many years now, and has recently been reprieved following long and continued protest and demonstrations of friends and supporters in the Kingswood and Fishponds area - here the NHS Trust has promised to back down, although not so in the case of Frenchay Hospital which is more vital for us !). 
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1846)
10 01/12
The 1911 census records that Elizabeth had bore 3 children, all of whom are still living. 
?, Elizabeth (I1844)
11 01/13
Email from Nigel WHITE 22/01/13 provides Louisa possible surname. Additional research turns up likely Marriage record in source attached.

Unable to locate "Louisa CAMPBELL bc1811" on the census beyond 1851. 
BLOODWORTH, Louisa Day (I1308)
12 01/15
"Pauline was Andrew STANTON's godmother according to the "Significant Dates" source under Ronald Stanton Papers.

1901 census has Pauline listed as Ethel C P ALLEN. Presumably the P was for Pauline. She is listed as being 7 yrs old. Although notes from the source (Family Notes; General Information; which were documented by Ethel/ Pauline's daughter), suggest that she was born in 1890, and her name was Pauline (no mention of Ethel). A letter written in 1978 in these notes also mention her age as 88 so we can be confident that 1890 is her correct birth year. These source notes also mention that Aaron and Elizabeth had a total of 12 children, which adds weight to the idea that Ethel and Pauline are one and the same person.

Below Ethel/Pauline's name on the census the name of Rene is squeezed in (apparently missed out initially) on the line below. It appears she is also aged 7, which suggests that the person documenting the original census return perhaps initially confused Ethel and Rene as the same person and listed Ethel's name with Rene's age, but then never corrected Ethel's age when adding Rene's details to the list. 
ALLEN, Ethel Consuelo Pauline (I1081)
13 01/15
1881 census records Joseph living at a boarding house with his children Florence (8) and Albert (1).

Unable to find Joseph J BEATON b1850 on the 1911 census. A BMD Death record exists for a Joseph John BEATON in Marylebone, 1908. A separate Will and Probate record confirms this is our Joseph.

BMD record gives Joseph's DOB as 03/01/1850, and his mother's maiden name as "MIST". The record has misspelled the family surname as "BIATON". 
BEATON, Joseph John (I2018)
14 01/15
1881 census records Rosina, married but husband Alfred not at home. A "visitor" 7yr old "Florry MANGARD" is in her care. 
BEATON, Rosina (I2017)
15 01/15
1901 census has George living with his son William in Iron Acton. His birthplace is given as Iron Acton, although this is subject to confirmation as William was recorded as born in Gloucester on earlier census documents, and then Iron Acton on later ones. 
MASKELL, George (I1995)
16 01/15
1901 census records a visitor to the household. Mary J SLADE (widow), born in Minehead (as was George's second wife Edith). Possibly a relation of Edith?

Mary J Slade
Relation to Head of Family Condition as to Marriage Age Last Birthday Sex
Visitor W 52 F
Profession or Occupation Employment Status Where Born
Living On Own Means Undefined Somerset Minehead
Language Infirmity 
?, Edith (I1980)
17 01/15
1911 census records Elizabeth, b1845 in Long Ashton, (a visitor at her daughters house) as a widow. She has borne 2 children with one still living. She is recorded with the surname SANSFORD/ SANDFORD although Louisa's maiden name was WHITE according to her marriage record. In addition the 1891 census shows Elizabeth (WHITE) b1845 Ashton, Somerset, and William WHITE living in the same house as Louisa and her family. Perhaps SANSFORD was her maiden name. 
?, Elizabeth (I2048)
18 01/15
1911 census records that Albert and Emily have been married 5 yrs and have had 3 children all of whom have survived. 
BEATON, Albert Joseph (I2025)
19 01/15
1911 census records that Alfred and Mary Ann bore no children. 
STORER, Alfred Richard Perry (I2021)
20 01/15
1911 census records that Eveline and George had 2 children, both still alive. The family is recorded at Eveline's father's home (as visitors). 
RODD, Eveline Louisa (I2043)
21 01/15
1911 census records that Louisa and Samuel bore 6 children, 3 of whom still survive. 
WHITE, Louisa (I2045)
22 01/15
1911 census states 9 children born alive. 7 still living.

Email received from rjarvis47:
Kate TARGETT married William Samuel SMITH 1885
ref 2c p 35
see Kate SMITH 1901 census 7 kids i am descendent of her son Samuel H SMITH 
TARGETT, Kate (I213)
23 01/15
1911 census states 9 children born alive. 7 still living. 
SMITH, William Samuel (I638)
24 01/15
An "Ann MIST", aged 15 appears in the 1841 census at a school in St Helier but no "Mary Ann". 
MIST, Mary Ann (I2016)
25 01/15
Apparently George's mother Eliza died during or shortly after George's birth. 
THORNE, George Frederick (I78)
26 01/15
BMD has a death index record for Harry BEATON in 1860 in Marylebone. As Harry doesnt appear with his siblings in the 1871 census I have assumed this is him. There are no later Harry BEATON records that appear to relate to him. 
BEATON, Harry (I2038)
27 01/15
Burial record confirmed by record of Emily's address as per 1891 census. 
?, Emily (I2026)
28 01/15
By 1901 Kate is working as a housemaid in the home of an Architect in Bristol. At the time of the 1911 census she appears to be with her sister May (although recorded as "Eliza May" but birth year and birthplace match) in Wimbledon, presumably helping out as her sister has just given birth to a second child (Leslie PIKE). Need to confirm this is indeed May. 
MASKELL, Kate Elizabeth (I1999)
29 01/15
Claypit Lane is where the Leeds Sky Plaza and Premier Inn hotel stand. Postcode is LS2 8BN 
HARDWICK, Thomas (I2066)
30 01/15
Devonshire Road was renamed “Axminster Road” - probably between Jan 1936 and July 1939 
SHEPPARD, Frederick George (I61)
31 01/15
Further research prompted by a photograph of "Kate DEE, nee MASKELL with husband (Cousin of Gilbert ALLEN" in the ALLEN photograph album has lead to identification of Kate as the daughter of William and Mary MASKELL, confirmed by marriage record of Mary RATHBONE to William MASKELL and fact Kate was born in Iron Acton which is where the RATHBONE family were living around this time. (No similar records discovered during search of all records on Ancestry).
In addition the 1881 census has the family living next door to Mary's mother Elizabeth RATHBONE (nee WALL). Mary's birth year appears to be the same as her husbands on the census record which cannot be correct since she appears on the 1851 census. Perhaps she wanted her husband to think she was no older than him!

Unable to locate Mary RATHBONE or her twin Ann on any census beyond 1851. 
RATHBONE, Mary (I1119)
32 01/15
Kate doesn't appear on the 1911 census which states 9 children born alive. 7 still living. The 7 still living are listed on the census suggesting that Kate died before 1911. 
SMITH, Kate (I1972)
33 01/15
Lucy is listed (aged 23 and married for less than 1 year, with a child under 1 yr old) on the 1911 census at her parents house. However her name is then crossed out. Perhaps she was added incorrectly as she was elsewhere that night as only 7 persons are recorded as living in the house. 
SMITH, Lucy E (I1970)
34 01/15
Marriage ceremony was conducted by Rev. Mervyn Stockwood. 
Family F4
35 01/15
Mary Ann is recorded on the 1881 census living with her recently widowed brother in law helping to raise her nephew George Frederick who is just 4 mths old. 
SHOPLAND, Mary Ann (I1987)
36 01/15
Military Service:
Call up - Report to Penarth, 25/07/1941
August 1941 - Squad 35, "F" Flight. 
STANTON, Mervyn Frederick (I106)
37 01/15
Note in Ronald STANTON's papers "Significant Dates" mentions that he was fond of his stepbrother Dennis who was kind to Ronald's mother (and his step-mother) Annie May.

Text from a letter between Mervyn STANTON and Ron STANTON (08/02/1982); "It turned out that Vera and Dennis were at Mrs. Whitby's looking after the old lady and Mrs Whitby's brother and his wife were calling in for the day. Vera had told Nan she could go up there if she liked but she didn't want to interfere with "the family" there." Unable to work out the link between "WHITBY" and Vera.
(Ron STANTON's Address book has "WHITBY Mrs. Helen; 28 Stoneleigh Avenue, Earlsdon." (Coventry) 
THORNE, Dennis Samuel George (I1062)
38 01/15
Notes from Source "Ronald Stanton, Family Notes, General Information.": [On a picture of Cossham Hospital] "Gilbert ALLEN was a governor of this hospital for many years (a "workers Governor" on behalf of WD & HO Wills for whom he worked as an Engineer). Ruby and I often helped out at events here."

Notes from Source "Ronald Stanton, Family Notes, General Information.": "Gilbert was apprenticed to Strachan & Henshaw ( . Then worked for WD & HO Wills. Well paid. Bonus one year paid for Ruby's leg operation."

01/08 Mervyn
In my teens and on, I knew your G.G'dad Gilbert. He was employed as an engineer in the large tobacco factory, W.D. & H.O.Wills. He was a trained St. John's Ambulance (First Aid) man', and also served voluntarily for many years as a very active honorary Secretary or Treasurer of the Friends of Cossham Hospital. As you know he lived in Victoria Avenue, Redfield, for all the years we knew him and Julie and Ruby.

Gilbert was awarded the Service Medal of the Order of St.John in 1938.
Medal Number: 18529; Rank: PTE; G. Allen; Unit: Bedminster Division; Year of Award: 1938; 
ALLEN, Gilbert (I6)
39 01/15
Notes in RG STANTON papers (General Information/ Early Trees) suggest Bob was a photographer for "The Journal".

Occupation defined as Press Photographer (retired), (living at 2 Poole Court, Poole Court Road, Hounslow Middlesex) on his wife Edith's death certificate.

According to Mervyn Arthur ( or Bob as he was known), was a whizz on the piano and loved playing the old American jazz classics. 
FLETCHER, Arthur Frederick (I108)
40 01/15
Notes in RG STANTON papers (General Information/ Early Trees) suggest that John/ Jack was an RAF pilot and was killed in WW1. However I think this is a mistake as per note below.
Notes here also suggest that John and Lily may have had twins who died.

Ronald Stantons notes:
Served in the RAF and was then a manager at the Palace of Varieties in Leeds. 
DRISCOLL, John R (I125)
41 01/15
Notes in RG STANTON papers (General Information/ HEATH) suggest that Mary's mother (Hannah) died when Mary was just 6 years old (i.e. c1876)

Rosina BEATON (Hannah's stepdaughter) married in 1875. The marriage certificate is signed by J Beaton and by "E" Beaton. Did Hannah go by a different forename or is this some other relative of John?

Unable to locate "Hannah BEATON; bc1833" in the 1881 census or beyond. Nor in any passenger lists.

Henry BABSTOCK is listed on the 1871 census as "step-son" of the Head (John George BEATON). Presumably this is Hannah's son from a previous relationship.

A letter from Roger Heath notes that Hannah died c1876 when Mary was only 6 yrs old.

01/01 Mervyn
Hannah, whose Christian name the family cousins had thought was 'Margaret' - come to think of it, she was a singer (from Wales) so 'Margaret' might well have been her 'stage name'. Her real name was Hannah Brumwell; she was Nan's mother's mother, married to John George Beaton (cabinet-maker, piano-maker and himself a gifted musician), and on 24 June 1870 ('our Grandma', 'Mary's', birth-date) they were living at 3 Market Street, Bloomsbury, Middlesex (now Camden, London, I believe). I now have a copy of Mary Beaton's birth certificate, so at last this information is now official.

1881Census- 42 Queens Road, Kensington, London, Middlesex, shows :
John G.Beaton, 52, Pianoforte Maker, b.Jersey, Channel Islands;
Margaret Beaton, 48, wife, b.Lavernock, Glamorgan, Wales; (Mary's step-mother)
Mary Beaton, 10, daur. ,scholar, b.Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England;
Robert Gray, 18, nephew, Oilmans Assistant. ,b.Dorset, England.
BRUMWELL, Hannah (I261)
42 01/15
Orpingley Road no longer exists. It is though to have been located near the junction of Horsey Road and Seven Sisters Road, close to Hornsey Swimming Baths (the main building of which survives as apartments). 
SHEPPARD, Irene May (I15)
43 01/15
Possible Death?
NAME: John F Sheppard
BIRTH DATE: abt 1866
PAGE: 338

In the 1881 census "Frederick John" is recorded as "John". Presumably to distinguish him from his brother, another Frederick. He obviously went by the name "John" in later life as he is recorded as this (married to Ethel) in the 1891 census. His son Frederick George's birth cert proves that he is actually called "Frederick John" though.

In the 1891 census "John SHEPPARD" is recorded with wife Ethel and sons Fred and John. He is recorded as born "St Clements" - this is the church at the end of The Strand in London (matching earlier census records). In fact, it is the "St Clements" of the nursery rhyme song "Oranges and Lemons". Also living with them (but on the previous census page) are Frederick John's brothers, Fred and George. 
SHEPPARD, Frederick John (I968)
44 01/15
References to China Terrace, Lambeth on Google point to an association with a Weslyan Methodist Chapel. 
BEST, Thomas (I2061)
45 01/15
Research has turned up three "George THORNE" born Wellington/ Wiveliscombe/ Withycombe c1856 (it seems Wellington may have been the registration district for Wiveliscombe births). The 1881 census has these three in London, Taunton and Bristol. Our George THORNE is definately the Bristol one, since he is recorded as a widower with a son "George Frederick" only 4 months old. This confirms notes from Ronald STANTON that George's mother died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. Interestingly a visitor is also recorded in the 1881 census - "Mary Ann SHOPLAND" an unmarried dressmaker born in Wiveliscombe. Further investigation reveals this is Edith's relation as per record of marriage of George THORNE to Edith SHOPLAND in Bristol in 1879.
Seems to be some confusion in the records/ transcripts between "Withycombe" and "Wiveliscombe". The two villages are about 15km apart. I think the correct location is Withycombe as per the 1861 census record. 
THORNE, George (I284)
46 01/15
Research into Eliza's history suggests that in 1861 she was aged 8, living at Dulverston workhouse along with her younger siblings (Mary-Ann 6) and brother (William 4). There is no sign of her parents at the workhouse. 
SHOPLAND, Eliza (I285)
47 01/15
Reviewing old maps of Bristol is seems Barrow Lane was renamed Barrow Road sometime after 1901. 
THORNE, George Frederick (I78)
48 01/15
RGS Papers (HEATH) state that there was a wall plaque placed for Fred STANTON. 
STANTON, Frederick John (I4)
49 01/15
Ron lodged here during his time at Wells Theological College. Wife Ruby and son Andy lived back in Bristol at 122 Victoria Avenue. 
STANTON, Ronald Geoffrey (I2)
50 01/15
Ron notes that this was a one bedroom flat at 21/- a week. Groundfloor, with large lounge, dining room, kitchen and garden. 
STANTON, Ronald Geoffrey (I2)

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