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  • Name George EDWARDS  [1
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  • Sources 
    1. [S47] Email, DAVIES, Eva; 2008 07 23;.
      Hello All

      This is a long email that starts with my email to Charles Edward Fletcher Junior, son of Doris Beckham and grandson of Rebecca Beckham.

      Doris married a vet called Charles Edward Fletcher senior and in the 1940's they opened the famous Pet Crematorium!!

      David Edwards is Charles Junior's nephew - Doris and Charles had 2 children, Charles Junior and Gail - they were twins born about 1935. Gail had 3 children and David (an investment banker in New York) is the eldest.

      Read and enjoy.

      From: David Edwards []
      Sent: 22 July 2008 17:35
      To: 'Charles E. Fletcher, Jr.';
      Subject: RE: FW: Beckham Family History
      Hi Charles & Eva,

      This is the log kept at Ellis Island of Doris Beckham’s family’s arrival in NY. 1st and 2nd class passengers disembarked at the Hudson River piers, while 3rd and lower class passengers went via ferry to Ellis Island for immigration. These are snapshots of the ships’ manifests that I got while taking my kids to Ellis Island some years ago. I think the #2 stamped on the page means second class, would have to ask the Ellis Island historians to know for sure.

      Full passenger record (Rebecca, a “laundress” and 5 children shown) Oldest child is 11 years, 7 months, so marriage would have been by 1900. I believe Rebecca’s husband was either dead or out of the picture when they immigrated (Charles knows for sure.) You can extrapolate the birth dates of the children to the nearest month by subtracting their ages from the date of the manifest.

      Also attached is the manifest for my Grandfather, who came over three years earlier.

      Best regards,
      David Edwards (married name Tausig-Edwards)

      212 595-9482

      From: Charles E. Fletcher, Jr. []
      Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 11:58 AM
      To: David Edwards
      Subject: Fwd: FW: Beckham Family History

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Eva Davies
      Date: Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 4:28 PM
      Subject: RE: FW: Beckham Family History
      To: "Charles E. Fletcher, Jr."

      Hello again Charles - thanks so much for your info - I shall print it off and have a good read.

      I did have a quick go at trying to find your family in Dunmow but couldn't find a Percival anywhere - have you any dates that I could use as well.

      Also do you have the dates of Rebecca's marriage. death etc - and anyone else's - I love to add detail to my tree.

      I am sure I will have more questions but my brain is buzzing!

      I shall add my bit to Gone with the wind Part 2 tomorrow!

      Kind regards

      From: Charles E. Fletcher, Jr. []
      Sent: 21 July 2008 20:59
      Subject: Re: FW: Beckham Family History

      Dear Eva,
      Thanks for the information and picture of Louisa.

      I have never heard mention of Hilda or John, two sons of Rebecca and John.

      My mother(Doris) said that the original intention was to go to Seattle, where Rebecca had a brother (?). Doris claimed they never went through Ellis Island, but came second class with Ethel, Maude and Robert and a maid with her child.

      Rebecca settled in the 31st or 32nd street on the East Side. They were very much involved in The Church of the Incarnation (209 Madison Ave, Episcopal). Somewhere along the line Rebecca married Patty Smith ( Irish) who owned a moving company specializing in pianos and died falling down an elevator shaft. My mother said he was a nice man but had a fondness for the bottle. Rebecca also had a bakery with her brother (?), according to my mother they had a fight and by grandmother just closed the business.

      Rebecca was a very strong bossy woman who controlled the family and kept the children around her. Mother was a book keeper and said that all the children was made to give their wages to her. R. bought a house in Ravenswood, Queens, and then 3 houses in Astoria, Queens. Ethel lived with her husband Jim ( who was a truck driver for the NY Times) and lived with Rebecca. Maude married Jim West (maybe the cousin Jim West). Maude was a file clerk and her husband was a worker on a railroad. They lived on the same row as Rebecca. Margaret the daughter of R. and Patty lived in another house on the same row. R. was a very good cook and every Sunday we would go to house for Sunday dinner. Rebecca was involved with an Episcopal church in Astoria and belonged to a "Lodge" which I think was an organization of English people. Robert Beckham worked for the B&0 ( Baltimore and Ohio RR), married a Scot called Peggy Duff, had Bruce and Janet. Janet died some years ago of an asthma attack. George Smith ( also called Buddy ) married Betty (?) and had two sons George and Raymond. Raymond died many years ago and George died last week. His wife Carol, had 4 children. Christine, Tracy, George and Douglas.

      Margaret Smith ( daughter of R. and Patty Smith) married Robert (?) Barlow and had two children Bobby and Doris. They lived in NYC and then moved to Florida. I have lost track of the family. But, I heard at the funeral the two children were in Columbus, North Carolina

      As a child R. used to take care of my sister and I at a house on a lake my parents rented for the summer. I remember her as a woman you could not fool around with and was very direct. Maude was terrified of her, Ethel was the peace maker in the family, and Margaret was the pampered one. I do not remember much of Robert, who moved to the Boston area when I was young. My mother stayed as much as possible out of the family squabbles, but I remember my mother saying that if R. got mad you stayed out of her way. My impression is that if R. did not get her way "watch out". As a kid I seem to remember her calling someone a "bloody fool" if they did not think or do what she wanted.

      I remember going to the apartment of May, who lived in a not very nice part of the Bronx, was very overweight, and had maybe two or three children. She was looked down upon by R. and was not included in family events.

      My father came to America about the same time R. and met my mother when they were young. My grandfather was Percivel Henry Fletcher. He had three children. My father, Jack and George. Percy was in the dog business and had a pet shop on Regent Street in London. My father's family is from Dunmow in Essex. My grandfather came to America the first time with the his wife ( Margaret ? an actress I am told) and the three boys. They all went back and Percy came back to NYC without the wife but with the boys. We have no idea what happened to my grandmother. P. opened a pet shop here and eventually had a small apartment house in the East Side and rented out furnished rooms. My father went to veterinary school and opened up a hospital in the Bronx in 1932. My twin sister and I were born in August 22,1935 . We lived above the business, eventually moved to Riverdale ( a section of the Bronx). My father had the Abby Veterinary Hospital ( named Abby since it would be high on the list of veterinarians in the phone book). The Marble Hill Crematory was at 217th street in Manhattan. She also had another crematory in Syosset, Long Island. Both my parents are now dead.

      My sister and I went to the same public school and to different colleges. She is married to George Edwards and has 3 children. David, who is married to Jeptha. has his own investment business and lives in the same building I do and has two children Arianna and Nicholas. His apartment belonged to my sister, but when she moved to Poundridge ( in Westchester County) to the summer home of my parents, she gave the apartment to David. Elizabeth is married to William Prickett, a lawyer, and lives in Danvers out side of Boston and has two children Will and Sara. Alexandra lives in Boston proper and is single.

      I worked for the NY Daily News, a newspaper similar to the Globe. When the company was sold nearly 20 years ago to the horrible Robert Maxwell, I retired. I am single.

      This note maybe longer with "Gone with the Wind".
      Are we related to Bend it with Beckham?

      On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 10:56 AM, Eva Davies wrote:

      Hi Charles - this is the email I sent to Bruce yesterday - it gives you a bit more info and hopefully helps you take it in more slowly than my excited chatting.

      I am sending you another email with a picture of Louisa, Rebecca's sister attached.

      I do hope you can think up some more info about the Watson connection.

      I'll be in touch soon

      Best wishes and thank you for your time on the phone today.

      Kind regards



      From: Eva Davies []
      Sent: 20 July 2008 19:55
      To: ''
      Subject: RE: Beckham Family History

      Hi Bruce - so glad to be in contact - I am sorry you are going to a funeral though - I hope it goes OK.

      Right - its best you print off this email, get a cup of tea or coffee and have a good read!

      Rebecca Beckham nee West was born in 1874 and the eldest daughter of Mary Ann White and Frederick William West. Two of her sisters were Alice b 1885 who went on to marry Fred Campbell. Aunt Alice lived well into her 80's and visited the US many times - perhaps you met her? She had a daughter May who went to live with your grandmother and then married someone called Liguri and had a son Tony Liguri (not sure of the spelling of Liguri).

      Terry Campbell, Alice's grandson will be thrilled to know I have found you too.

      Rebecca's other sister was Louisa West b 1881 who went on to marry a Henry Eames in 1899. Henry and Louisa had 6 children and then tragically in 1915 they died within 1 week of each other, leaving Violet their eldest daughter and Henry's mother to look after them. Violet was my husband Steve's grandmother.

      I got interested in the family tree about 17 years ago and have played around with it since then.

      Now the info I have on Rebecca is:

      born 1874 married John Robert Beckham in 1895 and they had 6 children:

      John Joseph Beckham born 1898 died 1902

      Ethel Beckham b 1900 who went on to marry James Taylor in US - Ethel and Jim used to travel to England and visit the family regularly, Rebecca also came over a few times.

      George Robert Beckham - you know all about him - was your mother's name Margaret?

      Hilda Beckham born 1911

      Doris Louise Beckham b 1906

      Maud Elizabeth Beckham b 1902

      Do correct me if I am wrong Bruce.

      In 1912 John Beckham died and in September of that year Rebecca emigrated to the US. On the Passenger List she states that she is going to stay with her brother Mr Watson in New York - that threw me as if it was her brother wouldn't he be called West (her maiden name).

      We then found Rebecca in the 1920 census having married Patrick Smith and again in 1930 census also with the 2 children she had by him (Francis and George I think).

      Also in the 1930 census she has her cousin James West from England with her.

      I hope I haven't totally confused you!!

      There are loads of family stories about the 'American relations' circulating around the family.

      Apparently, some members of the family - not sure if they were Wests or Beckhams went to New York in the late 1800's or early 1900's and opened a pet crematorium in New York - do you know about this.

      Also we have been told about Rebecca's brother Joe West who went to America and made his fortune there and came over to London and stayed in the Dorchester Hotel in the 1950's and invited the children of Louisa to a posh meal. Louisa's children did not take kindly to this and felt that Alice and Rebecca should have done more to help them when their parents died and did not go!! I really wish they did.

      Alice, Rebecca's sister visited the American family quite a few times and once when to Canada where there were luxury boatbuilding business - her grandson Terry says that he had an open offer to work there if he ever wanted to go across - but he can't remember the family name.

      I am based in North London, UK - not far from where Rebecca was born - my mother in law Shirley (Rebecca's grand niece) said that Rebecca was called Aunt Becs in the family

      I have birth/marriage/death certificates for various people and a family tree with all of this on. I am sending you a separate email with a photograph of Louisa, Rebecca's sister when she was young.

      Anyway Bruce - I would love to hear from you and know if you can fill in any blanks for me.

      My phone number is 020 8441 2434 and I work from home so feel free to ring me whenever you want - I'm so excited to have found you.

      I shall end now, my fingers are hurting from all the typing!

      Kindest regards


      From: []
      Sent: 20 July 2008 18:47
      Subject: Re: Beckham Family History

      Rebecca was my grandmother. Just so happens I am heading to the funeral of her grandson George smith the son of her son by her second husband paddy smith. My father was George Beckham. Would be interested in your results. What's the reason for your interest? Bruce. Give me your number and I'll call.


      From: "Eva Davies"
      Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2008 16:43:52 +0100
      Subject: FW: Beckham Family History

      Hi Bruce - I sent this to another email address I found for you - but this one looks more recent - I hope you don't think I am stalking you :)



      From: Eva Davies []
      Sent: 20 July 2008 16:25
      To: ''
      Subject: Beckham Family History

      Hello - this is a bit of a chance but I thought I would see if I can find anyone.

      I am researching the family history of a Rebecca Beckham nee West who was born in England in 1874 and emigrated to New York in 1912. She had a few children one of which was George Robert Beckham born 1903 in England.

      I have seen an obituary in the New York Times for a George Robert Beckham who died in 1971 and was a former passenger agen of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and who also operated the Boston Travel Service in Canton, MA.

      I wondered if this person was connected to you? I have found Beckham Cruises & Vacations in Canton and am guessing and hoping there might be a connection.

      Please let me know - many thanks in advance.

      Kind regards

      Eva Davies