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Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales



Latitude: 52.55, Longitude: -3.1833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Mary  1799Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1340
2 BRUMWELL, Charles  Abt 1859Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1595
3 BRUMWELL, Edwin  Abt 1868Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1599
4 BRUMWELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1345
5 BRUMWELL, Hannah  Abt 1833Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I261
6 BRUMWELL, Jane  Abt 1857Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1594
7 BRUMWELL, John  Abt 1861Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1596
8 BRUMWELL, John  Abt 1893Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1609
9 BRUMWELL, May  Abt 1895Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1610
10 BRUMWELL, Richard  Abt 1830Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1341
11 BRUMWELL, Sarah  Abt 1829Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1342
12 BRUMWELL, Thomas Arthur  Abt 1865Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1598
13 BRUMWELL, William  Abt 1856Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1600
14 BRUMWELL, William  Abt 1898Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1611
15 GOUGH, John  Abt 1849Llandyssil, Montgomeryshire, Wales I1344