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Southampton, Hampshire, England



Latitude: 50.9, Longitude: -1.4


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Alice M  Abt 1867Southampton, Hampshire, England I1490
2 ?, Eliza  Abt 1882Southampton, Hampshire, England I1828
3 ?, Elizabeth  Abt 1884Southampton, Hampshire, England I1844
4 ?, Elizabeth Amelia  Abt 1872Southampton, Hampshire, England I1473
5 BARNETT, Rosina  Abt 1880Southampton, Hampshire, England I1820
6 DAVIS, Dorothy Lilian  Abt 1900Southampton, Hampshire, England I378
7 DAVIS, Ellen  Abt 1906Southampton, Hampshire, England I1965
8 DAVIS, Rosie  Abt 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I1964
9 DAVIS, Tom  Abt 1875Southampton, Hampshire, England I377
10 EBURN, Frank  Abt 1877Southampton, Hampshire, England I1492
11 EDMONDS, Emily  Abt 1887Southampton, Hampshire, England I1044
12 GRAY, Gladys  Abt 1890Southampton, Hampshire, England I1491
13 GRAY, John  Abt Feb 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I1484
14 GRAY, William Charles  Abt 1863Southampton, Hampshire, England I1485
15 HOWELL, Charles  Abt 1848Southampton, Hampshire, England I1841
16 HOWELL, Frederick  Abt 1860Southampton, Hampshire, England I1791
17 PAYNTER, Ralph J  Abt 1887Southampton, Hampshire, England I1152
18 QUINTON, Ada Louisa  Abt 1873Southampton, Hampshire, England I1799
19 QUINTON, Albert Edward  Abt 1877Southampton, Hampshire, England I1800
20 QUINTON, Alice J  Abt 1863Southampton, Hampshire, England I1794
21 QUINTON, Ellen Elizabeth  Abt 1869Southampton, Hampshire, England I1797
22 QUINTON, Frances Kate  Abt Feb 1881Southampton, Hampshire, England I1802
23 QUINTON, Francis  Abt 1906Southampton, Hampshire, England I1830
24 QUINTON, Frank  Abt 1898Southampton, Hampshire, England I1821
25 QUINTON, George  Abt 1871Southampton, Hampshire, England I1798
26 QUINTON, Harry  Abt 1883Southampton, Hampshire, England I1803
27 QUINTON, Rebecca  Abt 1867Southampton, Hampshire, England I1796
28 QUINTON, Rosa M  Abt 1900Southampton, Hampshire, England I1822
29 QUINTON, Sidney Charles  Abt 1888Southampton, Hampshire, England I1804
30 QUINTON, Teresa Ann  Abt 1865Southampton, Hampshire, England I1795
31 QUINTON, William  Abt 1879Southampton, Hampshire, England I1801
32 QUINTON, William  Abt 1905Southampton, Hampshire, England I1829
33 SMITH, Albert Edward  Abt 1899Southampton, Hampshire, England I1969
34 SMITH, Kate  Abt 1900Southampton, Hampshire, England I1972
35 SMITH, Lucy E  Abt 1888Southampton, Hampshire, England I1970
36 SMITH, Percy  Abt 1902Southampton, Hampshire, England I1976
37 SMITH, Samuel H  Abt 1894Southampton, Hampshire, England I639
38 SMITH, William S  Abt 1886Southampton, Hampshire, England I1973
39 STANTON, Ellen Rebecca  1 Feb 1892Southampton, Hampshire, England I182
40 STANTON, Florence Caroline  Abt 1880Southampton, Hampshire, England I107
41 STANTON, James Richard  Abt 1884Southampton, Hampshire, England I181
42 STANTON, Rosina  Abt 1906Southampton, Hampshire, England I1045
43 STANTON, Violet May  Abt 1908Southampton, Hampshire, England I1046
44 STANTON, William James  1878Southampton, Hampshire, England I202
45 TARGETT, Elizabeth Jane  1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I177
46 TARGETT, Henry George  1863Southampton, Hampshire, England I172
47 TARGETT, Kate  1865Southampton, Hampshire, England I213
48 TARGETT, Mary Ann  1853Southampton, Hampshire, England I174
49 TARGETT, Sarah Ann  1858Southampton, Hampshire, England I178
50 TAYLOR, George  Abt 1887Southampton, Hampshire, England I1843

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, Susan Irene  Jul 2017Southampton, Hampshire, England I17
2 PATTEN, Mary Ann  1867Southampton, Hampshire, England I175
3 QUINTON, Frances Kate  Jun 1958Southampton, Hampshire, England I1802
4 QUINTON, Kate  Abt 1876Southampton, Hampshire, England I2160
5 STANTON, Ellen Rebecca  1897Southampton, Hampshire, England I182
6 STANTON, Florence Caroline  Between Jul and Sep 1908Southampton, Hampshire, England I107
7 STANTON, Rebecca Teresa  Between Apr and Jun 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I319
8 STANTON, William  Mar 1872Southampton, Hampshire, England I313
9 STANTON, William James  1878Southampton, Hampshire, England I202
10 TARGETT, Henry George  1865Southampton, Hampshire, England I172
11 TARGETT, Mary Ann  1853Southampton, Hampshire, England I174
12 TARGETT, William Edward  1859Southampton, Hampshire, England I717


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 ?, Caroline  1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I1483
2 GRAY, Charles  1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I1480
3 GRAY, John  1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I1478
4 GRAY, John  Apr 1861Southampton, Hampshire, England I1484


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 BECKHAM, Doris Louise  31 Aug 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I845
2 BECKHAM, Ethel Rebecca  31 Aug 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I834
3 BECKHAM, George Robert  31 Aug 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I844
4 BECKHAM, Maud Elizabeth  31 Aug 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I843
5 WEST, Rebecca  31 Aug 1912Southampton, Hampshire, England I63


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 NAPIER, Thomas Tregonwell  Southampton, Hampshire, England I481
2 TROKE, Martha Goringe  Southampton, Hampshire, England I480


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAVIS / STANTON  1899Southampton, Hampshire, England F66
2 PAYNTER / STANTON  1910Southampton, Hampshire, England F389
3 QUINTON / BARNETT  Between Apr and Jun 1897Southampton, Hampshire, England F561
4 QUINTON / STANTON  1861Southampton, Hampshire, England F556
5 SMITH / TARGETT  9 Mar 1885Southampton, Hampshire, England F102
6 STANTON / EDMONDS  Abt 1905Southampton, Hampshire, England F352
7 STANTON / TAYLOR  25 Apr 1935Southampton, Hampshire, England F403
8 WILLIAMS / QUINTON  10 Nov 1904Southampton, Hampshire, England F557